How to live a meaningul life?

Elias drifts aimlessly through life, regretting the years he already wasted. That is until he meets a mysterious pilgrim named Karlaz who initiates him into an ancient teaching called The Way of Freedom. Karlaz takes Elias on a journey through olive groves, desert castles, secluded forest monasteries, and through the tangled paths of his own soul, challenging him to change his old ways at every step.

Accept responsibility and choose your path!

At first Elias is reluctant, but his interest is piqued by Karlaz who seems to be attuned to his surroundings as well as to his own personal Calling. Elias delves deeper into The Way of Freedom, wondering if Karlaz’s teachings on courage, self-discipline and humility might just be the opportunity he has been looking for so that he may live his destiny to its fullest and one day proclaim on his deathbed: “I have done everything I was meant to do. I have lived a good life.”

194 pages

3,5 hours reading time

4.73 Goodreads rating